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Default Re: Route 4

Trainer: Eti Molo

Currently: Battling Shuppet.

"Watch out!" I yelled to my team, shielding their bodies from the Pokemon that startled us by emerging from the bushes. The Shuppet chortled at my defence manoeuvre.

~Eti, it's just a Shuppet,~ Etitymin squeaked. I turned to it and petted it on the head.

"Yeah, you're right Rattata! It was pretty scary, right?"

~Does he just not understand what we're saying, or?~ Etitymin squeaked at my other team members.

~He's just a human, Rattata,~ Makuhita growled back at my rat Pokemon. ~I wouldn't bother talking to him if I were you.~

"Monster, I choose you!" I told my Finneon. She seemed delighted to be seeing action again.

"Fin, fin!" she cried before squaring up the Shuppet.

~Oh, here we go again.~ My whole party made a simultaneous cheer.

"Yeah! You cheer her on, guys! Monster, use Water Pulse on the Shuppet!" I ordered my starter Pokemon. Monster slid along the forest floor, getting close enough to Shuppet to fire the Water-type move. However, Shuppet saw us coming and retaliated with a quick Sucker Punch. This seemed to knock Monster's confidence tremendously. She ran back to my side as quick as possible, quivering behind my leg.

"Don't worry about it, Monster. Return!" I recalled Monster back to her Poke Ball. I turned to the rest of my team for support. "Guys, a little help please?"


~No, Eti.~

~You really aren't the man I thought you were.~

"Nin, nin!"

~What a pitiful human being.~

"What? Mammoth, get out there!" I ordered my Natu.

~Against a Ghost Type? You really are pitiful.~ It appeared to be disobeying me.

"Fine, I don't need your help!" I yelled to them. I'd be having words with them later. "I guess it's all up to me."

I squared up to the Shuppet myself. "Hey, you oversized sock puppet! Take this!"

I threw a Poke Ball straight at the Shuppet, catching it off guard.
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