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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently: Route 4 Pokemon Battle
Pigd you go
Shuppet used Shadow ball
Pigd was not effected by it
Pigd used Twister on it
Shuppet use Will-O-Wisp
Pigd used Brave Bird
Shuppet used Curse
Pigd was Cursed
Tiny throwed a pokeball at the Shuppet
Official's Post

The ball hits Shuppet somehow without falling through it. Shuppet disappears inside and the Pokeball lands with a thud on the ground.


Shuppet was caught!

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

Currently: Battling Shuppet.

"Watch out!" I yelled to my team, shielding their bodies from the Pokemon that startled us by emerging from the bushes. The Shuppet chortled at my defence manoeuvre.

~Eti, it's just a Shuppet,~ Etitymin squeaked. I turned to it and petted it on the head.

"Yeah, you're right Rattata! It was pretty scary, right?"

~Does he just not understand what we're saying, or?~ Etitymin squeaked at my other team members.

~He's just a human, Rattata,~ Makuhita growled back at my rat Pokemon. ~I wouldn't bother talking to him if I were you.~

"Monster, I choose you!" I told my Finneon. She seemed delighted to be seeing action again.

"Fin, fin!" she cried before squaring up the Shuppet.

~Oh, here we go again.~ My whole party made a simultaneous cheer.

"Yeah! You cheer her on, guys! Monster, use Water Pulse on the Shuppet!" I ordered my starter Pokemon. Monster slid along the forest floor, getting close enough to Shuppet to fire the Water-type move. However, Shuppet saw us coming and retaliated with a quick Sucker Punch. This seemed to knock Monster's confidence tremendously. She ran back to my side as quick as possible, quivering behind my leg.

"Don't worry about it, Monster. Return!" I recalled Monster back to her Poke Ball. I turned to the rest of my team for support. "Guys, a little help please?"


~No, Eti.~

~You really aren't the man I thought you were.~

"Nin, nin!"

~What a pitiful human being.~

"What? Mammoth, get out there!" I ordered my Natu.

~Against a Ghost Type? You really are pitiful.~ It appeared to be disobeying me.

"Fine, I don't need your help!" I yelled to them. I'd be having words with them later. "I guess it's all up to me."

I squared up to the Shuppet myself. "Hey, you oversized sock puppet! Take this!"

I threw a Poke Ball straight at the Shuppet, catching it off guard.
Official's Post

Oh dear, your Pokemon don't look very happy. Shuppet seems quite confused when you step out in front of it, wondering whether you're going to attack it yourself. Instead, you lob a ball at the ghost type, which is promptly sucked inside.

It seems that Shuppet everywhere aren't having much luck today!

The ball wobbles on the ground...


Shuppet was caught! Eti's team is full. Shuppet was sent to the PC.
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