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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Since the day that she had first laid eyes on a Pokémon, it was the dream of this young woman to begin in the age-old tradition of a Pokémon journey.

Her entire body quivered in anticipation as the cold breeze rushing from the opening of the doors of the laboratory tickled her tan visage. Despite having the warmth of the tired glimmering sun upon her through the early morning haze, this girl felt ice through her somewhat trembling limbs. It only intensified when she had made her entrance, trying to look as innocuous and inconspicuous as possible. She made an abrupt stop and gazed around rather doe-eyed for a few moments. It seemed she had entered during one of the more empty times of the day, and rightfully so. 7 AM sharp in the morning was not a time when many were roused. Not a single soul at the moment stood there in the laboratory... at least, until one of the Professor's assistants just popped out of nowhere and took pity on this rather confused-looking kid.

She smiled sweetly, and then caught her off-guard by speaking in a rather unexpectedly husky and deep voice. Secretly, the young woman wondered if in a past life or in some capacity, this woman was actually... not a woman. "Hello there, darling. I'm Sam," Androgynous name... "You here to get a new Pokémon, kid?"

"Y-yeah. But I'm not technically a kid. I'm older than I look. I'm 20 y-"

"Of course you are, of course you are! Ah, that's still a kid to me... anyways, let me just find the thing here..." She watched the assistant bend over behind her desk, and heard the sounds of scraping and other various things being moved in unseen drawers. Sam clutched a sleek ivory slab on his hands and set it down upon the table. Then she (so much pronoun confusion. The upcoming trainer didn't even know anymore what to call this person) opened it, revealing a laptop-like computer screen. Unlike a laptop, the device lacked keys. The tan young woman kept looking on in further silence as Sam touched the screen with her fingers, bringing up a woman in a white labcoat. This must've been the Professor Cedar she had heard much about.

To this Celestia-born trainer, the options were boggling of what she could pick. Her mind mulled over again and again the Professor's words... nearly ANYTHING she could want at her fingertips save for a few exceptions.

"I know what you're thinking," whispered Sam in a rather creepy hushed variation of her husky voice. "So much to choose from... well, you can fill it out the old-fashioned way on paper. Or I'll let you in on a little faster secret..." She pressed the screen a few times, and a highly simplistic form appeared with on-screen keys, reminscent of a cellphone, but with much larger and easier to use buttons. Deciding she wanted to give this new piece of technology a shot, she typed in her name and spent a few moments gazing upon the screen as a small interface with large buttons and a small picture of each of the Pokémon appeared. Scrolling down the list with her finger, she felt the pressure put onto her by Sam's anticipation. That assistant was practically breathing down her neck. With not much time to think in her tired and anxious early morning haze, she just input the first cool-looking thing that appeared on the screen.

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