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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post
Trainer: Minako
Currently: Battling another wild Bellsprout

"Ugh, another one. Sora, go. Use Air Slash!" Sora took aim and hit Bellsprout with Air Slash. Bellsprout remained Ingrained into the ground.

"Air Slash once more!" Sora once again hit Bellsprout with Air Slash.

The wild Bellsprout fainted!

"Yep, one more Pokemon down the drain."
Official's Post

You hear a roar coming from somewhere further down the path, followed by a blast of electricity, which temporarily lights up the shaded route. Just as everything quietens, you hear a responding cry from the bushes just behind you.

"Shi! Shinx!" something wails. You go to investigate and find a Shinx curled up between the leaves. It seems to be whimpering... When it notices you, it tries to hide itself further down in the leaves.

Wild Shinx appeared!
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