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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Meghan stands up and the Cubone growls, brandishing its bone.

"It's okay.." She says, kneeling down and holding her hand out "I won't hurt you, come on."

The Cubone looks at her, calming down slightly. It takes a few tentative steps forward and Meghan pulls out a pokeball. She places it on the ground in front of her. The Cubone looks at her and then at the ball before walking over. It presses the button and gets sucked in. The ball shakes, but holds.

Pokemon Capturing: Cubone
Point req: 16
Points on hand: 175
Points after: 169
Link to stats: See Signature

Also, evolving Vex

Pokemon Evolving: Gastly
Pokemon it evolves into: Haunter
Points req: 25
Points on hand: 169
Points after: 154
Link to stats: See above

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