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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles
Location: Route 3

"Ahem," Quinn says. He shows the Ranger something. The Ranger steps back and says, "Still, Hoothoot, go!"

"Miles, Psybeam!"

"Munnn..." Miles says. The Hoothoot flies back and crashes into a tree.

"Now, Hypnosis!"

"MUN THAT!" The wave of groovy energy came back, flying at Hoothoot, but nothing happened.

"Wha...?!" Quinn said under his breath.

"Did you forget?" Ranger Bob asked. "Hoothoot has Insomnia, it can't fall asleep!"

"Miles, return!" Miles went back into his Poke Ball via a red light. "Bobalina, time to shine!" Quinn threw his Poke Ball, and out came Bobalina. "Bobalina, Twister!"

"Pidge!" She replied. She called up a twister -Hence the name Twister- and flew the little clock-like bird far away.

"That's enough for one day, better leave."

Quinn and co. leave to Route 4

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