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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Dredd, nobody can actually HURT the Noctowl, because it gets a 10+bonus because of final evolution stage, no matter the type. That'll cancel out every single Pokemon we have thus far. Was that intentional? or is there a 'no bonuses rule' for this fight, or something. I'll wait for a reply to choose. Also, Yellow acted like a guy in her original debut. Somehow, all she needed was boy's clothes and a hat to pull it off, so I assume her voice sounds rather masculine. Henceforth, Markus'es bit about gender confusion.)

OK, uhh...Girius, I seriously hope this isn't TOO out of your leauge...We'll need strategy, though! *To the team in general* Spread out, mates! I'd rather we avoid injuries, the Noctowl are aggressive...If she's right, anyways...He's right? Sorry, Yellow, you sound like a boy and look like a boy, but don't act like one if you are, and the name's not very gender-indicative.
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