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Default Re: Route 4

Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently: Route 4
Battling Shinx
Okay Wolfe you are up
Wofle used Howl
Shinx used Charge
Wofle used Howl
Shinx used Wild Charge
Wofle used Fire fang
Shinx used Thunder fang
Wofle Return Go Spokey and use Will-O-Wisp
Tiny then use his lasted Pokeball
Official's Post:

You better hope that Shinx doesn't have Guts otherwise you're in for a hard time.

POP! The Shinx escaped from the Poke Ball!

The Shinx senses you have no more Poke Balls and flees.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Arriving in Route 4.

"Route 4! We've made it!"

Cynda! Nya! Muun!
Official's Post:

You see tiny battling a Shinx up ahead. However, the Shinx flees and is now...headed for your direction?!

A wild Shinx appeared!
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