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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(If you don't mind, I'll justify WHY, exactly, the rather fearless Markus would flee with a fully healthy Totodile. Please ignore it if you don't like it. As for Yellow your writing doesn't matter, the Manga where Yellow comes from is where I got that, so unless you're REALLY deviating from it, I'll just assume that. Also, I'll send you a PM about something awesome I thought of.)

Seriously? It's just one Pokemon, and every Pokemon would naturally be inclined to attack, it's their bloody nature to battle! That's why Pokemon Trainers exist! Ah, well, I guess-

*Noctowl uses Air Cutter!*

*Noctowl Misses, but hits a tree!*

*The tree is severed in half!*

...Pokemon do not like being THAT outmatched, and neither do I...I'll catch that bird later! *Dashes out of cover and fastly tails Yellow, protecting his bag and his Egg in case the Noctowl gets any ideas*
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