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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

((I'll factor in the -5 after this post. And Dredd, I said in my last post the group stopped. Just wondering if you saw it before posting yours... And also, can I possibly "hold onto" that Hoothoot for Ant2011? I know he wants one for his team, but do I have to catch it and then give it to him or can I have it follow us and remain wild so he can catch it when he signs on?))

Spinel took a breath to think things over. It was true that the Noctowl had a trainer, but they wouldn't know. Either way, wild or trained, it was not something they could take on right now. None of their Pokemon have evolved yet, so they'd be at a disadvantage. Especially Yellow with her Chikorita. So Spin was going to have to make sure no serious injury came to the two when they did face the Noctowl when they were ready.
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