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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Meghan has tears streaming down her eyes as she looks at Red "I don't care..."

Attacker: Persian (38)
Attackee: Snorlax (60)
Bonuses: 0
Attkrs Pts: 0
Attkes Pts: 22

Winston faints!

Attkr: Arbok (32)
Attkee: Snorlax (22)
Bonuses: 0
Attkrs Pts: 10
Attkees Pts: 0

Snorlax faints!

Attkr: Arbok (10)
Attkee: Eevee (35)
Bonuses: -5 (Evo)
Attkrs Pts: 0
Attkees Pts: 25

Reina faints!

Attkr: Poliwhirl (25)
Attkee: Eevee (25)
Bonuses: -5 (Evo)
Attkr Pts: 5
Attkee Pts: 0

Eevee faints!

Attkr: Poliwhirl (5)
Attkee: Charizard (61)
Bonuses: -2 Typing (Evo vs type)
Attkr Pts: 0
Attkee Pts: 56

Raiden fainted!

Meghan looks at her fainted Pokemon before up at red. There was no way she could beat him...

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