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Default Re: Route 4

Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Bobalina, Neku, Miles
Location: Route 4

"I think I might have to skip out on you, little pal," Quinn says to the Shinx. "Don't you have a family?"

"Yes, but they allowed me to journey with you," The creature replied.

"OHMYGOD, YOU'RESOFREAKING COOL! You're mine, little beast!"

Battle 104: Lion Spark
Activating Super Tomorrow Engine At Today: Pokemon Edition...Loading complete.


"Perfect," I mutter to myself. "Ready, Shinx?"

"Ready!" Shinx replied.

"Neku, let's ride!" I throw out the Lure Ball from my belt and Neku appears.

Move suggestion...MUD SHOT.

"Neku, Mud Shot!" Neku blasted a large volume of mud at the talking Shinx, making it smile.

"Charge!" Shinx called out. The electric lion became electrified as it headed towards Neku. I stood there, watching it in awe. "Neku, stand your ground!" Shinx looked confused as I said it, but soon realized it. Neku is Water/Ground, impervious to Electric type moves.

Suggestion...MUD SHOT.

"Neku, another Mud Shot!" More mud, more smiles.

"Tackle!" Shinx called out this time. It rammed hard into Neku, making her fall to the ground.

"Neku, come back!" I called out. The red light surrounded Neku, calling her back in.

"Even though I want to travel with you," Shinx said. "I won't make it easy!"

'Should I use a Poke Ball?' I thought to myself. 'Maybe I should try that Link method the people of Ramsei use.' Quinn looked at Shinx and spoke nothing. eventually, the Shinx spoke.

"Even though you've Linked with me, you have to do better."

"Fine! Go, Poke Ball!" I tossed the Poke Ball, having Shinx go inside. Wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle...

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