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Default Re: Why PETA is WRONG About Pokemon

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
I must say, I completely disagree with this. Lemme explain:

PETA are, truthfully, only trying to publicise animal cruelty and why it's wrong. In no way is this a dig at the Pokemon games. Business-wise, incorporating Pokemon, a game loved by a large number of children, into the whole animal cruelty concept is a genius one - what better way to open the eyes of the next generation than this? It's not a dig at the Pokemon games, and I'm actually quite surprised that a few people have felt it that way - it's nothing more than a way to promote the bad voodoo that is animal abuse. What they're saying is:

"If Pokemon were real, and they were suffering from abuse, there would be an uproar and it would be solved. So, why does this not happen now with the animals that are currently being cruelly abused by us?" - making that important link between Pokemon and animals in order to affect the audience.

Also, the game was a PARODY. In no way was it meant to be a serious dig at the games. This parody is taken well over the top and, if people are actually being affected by this game to discontinue the purchasing of Pokemon products, then shame on them for actually believing a PARODY.

Sure, they've done this with other games (Cooking Mama and Mario), but this is only to create that crucial link that children need to actually give us any hope against animal cruelty.

To sum up - people have really taken this the wrong way. It's a parody people - it's all make-believe and taking things over the top! The only serious thing is the message behind the whole concept! I'm sure the PETA people that actually developed that game have the Pokemon games and enjoy playing them. This is nothing more than raising awareness for animal cruelty through a great theme, no digs were made (only jokes, such as the Diglett nose/mouth thing).

I see where you're coming from, but do you really think little kids are going to understand it this way?

Are children going to look at a demonized and bloody version of their favorite pasttime, a "parody" that exhibits their favorite characters saying the most downright slanderous things and showing off completely uncharacteristic traits and think to themselves, "Right, these guys are telling me not to be cruel to animals, got it!"

No. These are children, and last I checked, blood and violence are NOT attributes of a morally sound message for kids! The only thing that's cruel here is bastardizing a franchise that a great population of today's youth has come to cherish, and then having your message presented in a way that crams itself down their throat all at once, in some twisted way of seeking the moral high ground.

Little children aren't going to understand whatever ironic message you say is there. They're going to see blood, violence, and an altogether nightmarish version of what many of them love, and they sure as hell are not going to respond 'favorably' to it.

Try again.
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