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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire]
Currently: Looking for the History of Celestia.

As the old man shuffled away, I couldn't help but think something was wrong with him somehow.

I turned back to the bookshelf behind me and began to search for this book. I bet the History of Celestia would be an interesting read, and would help me further understand the region I am exploring. I pulled out several books, hoping to find the one I was looking for.
Official's Post:
A cool breeze seems to blow through the library as if someone left a window open... As you pull out the books, you notice a dusty, old Luxury Ball hidden at the back of the shelf. As soon as your fingers brush against it, the lights in the library go out, plunging you into darkness. You feel Bushfire cling tighter to the back of your head.

After your eyes adjust to the change in light, you notice an eerie purple glow coming from the West Annexe, directly ahead. You clasp the Luxury Ball in your hand, wondering whether to keep it or return it to the shelf.
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