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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

My team :D
Black 2 Stats

Name: Autumn
ID Number: 20080
Started: October 7th, 2012
Badges: 3

Calypso [F] Lvl. 28
Sassy and Mischievous/Torrent
Mystic Water
Dig, Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Revenge

Auron [M] Lvl. 21
Serious and A little quick tempered/Steadfast
Scope Lens
Quick Attack, Force Palm, Return, Dig

Gucci [M] Lvl. 21
Rash and Likes to thrash about/Swarm
Miracle Seed
Protect, Razor Leaf, Bug Bite, Return

Varia [F] Lvl. 20
Rash and Michievious/Run Away
Silk Scarf
Bite, Quick Attack, Growl, Dig

Antigrav [U - I classify Anti as a Male though] Lvl. 20
Quiet and Likes to run/Magnet Pull
Quick Claw
Magnet Bomb, Thunder Wave, Thundershock, SonicBoom

Aukira [F] Lvl.21
Jolly and Often lost in thought/Flash Fire
Fire Fang, Flame Wheel, Dig, Reversal

Jolteon owns all other eeveelutions~ ;D

♥ Jolteon Lover ♥
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