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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
It's available for the 3DS eShop for 2.99 (+ tax). I haven't got it yet. I only have 2.98 cents on my eShop account right now. I need the penny, plus the tax. My g/f says she will get it for me today though.

I went to the new Dream World that is compatable for B/W2 already though, but only once. Got sent to either Sparkling Sea, or Icy Cave each time, and the best Poke of the bunch was Alomamola with it's Hidden ability, plus Pain Split (egg move). It was male. Didn't bother using it on my team though, since the first water type I was amazingly lucky enough to catch in-game was an Adamant Azurill with Huge Power ability. (Already an Azumarill now.)

My current in-game team, so far...

Brave Pignite, Blaze, Lvl 25 (starter)
Adamant Braviary, Defiant, Lvl 25 (There is one just chillin' in the desert on Route 4 that is (obviously) severely underleveled, and is set up as if it is a staionary legend. It might also be a version exclusive for White V. 2.)
Adamant Azumarill, Huge Power, Lvl 26
Jolly Minccino, Skill Link, Lvl 27 (First of my Hidden Grotto Pokes)(must find a Shiny Stone for the evo)
Naive Watchog, Illuminate, Lvl 28
Timid Genesect, Download, Lvl 28 (promo Poke sent via Nintendo WFC)

And I just recently got my fourth gym badge.
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