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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

(Luna apporved capture)

The Ledyba cut through the foliage and fly off into the air. The group watches as some circle around them. Seth tries to swat the bugs away, he still has an injured Cyndaquil in one arm. He drops a ball releasing Hoothoot. The tiny owl flies around Seth.

Pokemon using: Hoothoot
Pokemon trying to catch: Ledyba
Bonus: N/A?
Point requirement: 6
Points On Hand: 82
Points After: 76
Link to stats: coming soon !

Hoothoot flies up blocking Seth's Cyndaquil. Hoothoot pecks away at the Ledyba. The weakened Ledyba drops to the ground
Seth calls for a wing attack knocking the Ledyba out. He pulls out a pokeball and catches the Ledyba

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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