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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all! Crystal Momoyia here with a Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke. I know I've added a lot of rules, but they are all for good reason. Some are added purely for story purposes because I do plan on writing one based on my gameplay, and those are just really minor and will hardly be put into affect. Now then, the first post will be updated with the team as the game goes on and I will be posting as well with updates. Now then, let's get to the stuff you came here for!

Surpsire! I didn't name my character Crystal! I decided to go with Spinel, which is a name I was known by on another site before joining here and being called Crystal. Also Spinel is the name of my newest Pokémon character as well as the name of the character I am using for my Nuzlocke fanfictions. I then name my rival Jasper, him being named after another character in the fics. Though Jasper is a minor character, and may only appear in the story that follows my SoulSilver fic... Sorry, getting off topic here.

I started the game with Snivy. I know this is a Nuzlocke and I'm not supposed to care about things like gender, but I really wanted a female to start the game off. With my luck I hardly run into females, so I gave myself this. It was a pain, I tell you, but after countless tries I got it. I named her Leah, which means "meadow". It's a nature name, so I thought it fit.

Of course Jasper then wants to battle, and he has a Tepig. All rivals want to battle right after you get your Pokémon and have the one that has type advantage over yours. So I beat him, start mashing the A button and go through Bianca's tour of the Pokémon Center, and blah blah blah. We all know this part.

After she teaches me how to catch Pokémon (like we all don't know how by now X3) I go into the grass. New area means I get to catch a Pokémon, and the first one I run into is a Patrat. I catch it, but I do not name it. This is because I plan on forfeiting it to get an Eevee I got from breeding in SoulSilver. This is for story purposes, and I really want Kailash (the male Eevee from the breeding) on my team for this version. But that's for another time since I can't trade Pokémon yet.

So I go to the next town and put the Patrat in the PC for later, blah blah blah, and then onto the new route! This is where I'm going to catch a new teammate! After the couple trainer battles I find a patch of grass. I go in it and... another Patrat! It's what I wanted, and this one is male! Another thing I'm happy for. I catch him Zuzen, the name meaning "fair or just". I then spend some time training here, not wanting to go to the next new area just yet. I want to prepare myself for the disappointment I'd get in Floccesy Ranch. I also catch another Patrat here, this one intended to be for the one trade I'm allowed to have. However, like with the other one, that is for another time. Now, off to the ranch...

Arceus! It's a Riolu! I enter the ranch totally expecting to run into a Lillipup since it has the highest encounter rate, but nope! I get a Riolu! Seems like Lady Luck it currently on my side. I'm careful as to not faint him, and I catch him. His name shall be Fenris, which before I thought meant "little wolf" but upon further research actually means "swamp"... Oh well, I'm going with the "little wolf" meaning.

After a bit of training I stopped playing. I know a rival battle is just around the corner in this area, so I wanted to train for it. I stopped because I noticed the time, having been playing when I should have been sleeping. So when I pick the game up later today I will be battling Jasper again and exploring the rest of Floccesy Ranch. I'll be sure to post again with what happens when I play, since I do plan on also challenging the first Gym between now and my next post. Wish me luck!

Feel free to comment, give advice, suggest names for Pokémon I may catch, and so on. Just please, no spoilers!

EDIT: Whoops! Just started my game up and realized I already explored all of Floccesy Ranch. Forgot about that X3 But I did say I was playing when I was supposed to be sleeping, so it was really late at night. So now just training for the Gym, having already gone through it in White 2 so I know what levels my team should be at. Don't want to risk losing a Pokémon this early in the game!
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