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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
say hi to tomorrows bioterrist weapon

good news is there is a vaccine
botulism has been around for a while, and the threat of botulism as a bio-weapon for a while as well, i remember reading a sci-fi novel where an airborne strain was the main threat used by terrorists, and this book was written in the 80's, botulism is also used in low doses in a medical capacity, which is botox, but a weaponized version would be a scary thought even with a vaccine, since most likely it would be a very concentrated form, oh yeah if you find canned goods where the can is bowed out, not dented in, then usually it has been contaminated by botulism...i remember reading about it long ago... the more ya know lol,

in other news...

YAOOO!!! so me getting bw2 is going to be delayed for at least another few days, how's everybody's play thru going?
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