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Default Halloween event: Prizes and bags.

$5, small bag. Holds 7 pieces of candy.

$8, medium sack. Holds 14 pieces of candy.

$12, large pack. Holds 20 pieces of candy.

$23, bottomless tote. Holds an endless amount of candy.
5 pieces:
Half-off coupon for the Vitamin shop.
One-third off next Pokemon purchase/evolution.

10 pieces:
Half-off coupon for the Vitamin shop.
Half-off next Pokemon purchase/evolution.
Half-off next purchase Downtown.

17 pieces:
B2G1 free vitamin.
$15 off next Pokemon purchase/evolution.
Add a Tutor Move to your Pokemon (must be approved).

25 pieces:
Free Pokemon purchase/evolution.
Free vitamin.

35+ pieces:
Free purchase and evolution.
B1G1 free vitamin.
One prize from every other subsection (5-25 pieces).
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