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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all! Crystal here once again! I couldn't keep the game down for long. Especially since now I got to trade Pokémon. I was able to get Kailash on Black 2 after first migrating him to Black from SoulSilver and having him evolve into Glaceon on that version. It would take way too long for him to evolve otherwise. I also did the permanent trade, but that little Pokémon shall remain a secret until I use him in battle. Anyway, off to explore Virbank City!

Oh! Virbank Complex! New area, new Pokémon! I hear it's the inner section that has the good ones, so I'll go there for the new capture. But first a Trainer battle... Lillipup. Well even though it's one level higher than Zuzen it shouldn't be hard. We'll use Bide... Okay, that could have been close. Bide got a OHKO, but Zuzen is left with 14 HP... Gonna make a quick run back to the Center so I don't have to use one of my Potions. I'd rather save those for later when I really need them.

Okay, this game is really being nice to me. First Pokémon I run into is a Growlithe. A female Growlithe. I just know when I try to find one on White 2 it's gonna take me forever! Well anyway, I'm really happy about this. Her name shall be Amaterasu. Bonus points for those who get the reference. Okay, now to go and train these guys up. I have no idea what to expect. I mean, I don't want to be unprepared... Wonder what a good level will be to take on the Gym... Level 20 sounds good. And before I go back and train, I'm gonna see where this path leads... Hey look! Random Silk Scarf! That'll be good for Zuzen. And I traded a Pokéball for a Great Ball... More money! Now then, back to serious training...

*time skip*

And had a close call. Wild Patrat used Bide when I had Amy used Ember. So what do I do? I had my Growlithe use Roar. I do not want to risk a Bide on a Nuzlocke. That is a scary move, I tell you. And now I do not like Virbank because of how many times I got poisoned. It's a killer in Nuzlocke. Right now I have Leah, Fenris, and Kailash at level 15, Zuzen at level 13, and Amaterasu is level 14. I think I'll cut the post off here since I don't want this sitting here until I get everyone closer to level 20, so I'll to train off-post (get it? instead of off-screen it's off-post? okay, that was lame...) and then come back when I go to the Gym. Until next time folks!
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