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Default Re: PETA Parody: Pokemon Black and Blue

This is freaking sick. And by the use of the word "sick," I am using its literal meaning if "disgusting" and "repulsive."

I was horrified to see this piece of utter crap. I played it for a short time to see what it was like, and I was utterly disgusted by that first animal cruelty video. I closed it partway through because I cannot deal and WILL not deal with such disturbing footage depicting something completely unrelated to the "message" pokemon sends out. Animal cruelty is so different from what pokemon is that it's like comparing an apple with a CD cabinet. Except that one is evil. Let's make it the CD cabinet because they eat your CDs.

How the flippin' hell is this a campaign? And at that, how is it a parody? Parodies are meant to be funny. I didn't laugh a single bit. The only thing I could laugh at is how inaccurate their depiction and interpretation of pokemon is. I don't think classing pokemon in the same freakin' category as animal abuse has got anything to do with a parody. If it IS a parody, they're parodying animal cruelty in a most disturbing way, by incorporating something that shows time and again that it has nothing to do with animal cruelty (in the FRIST FREAKING EPISODE of the anime, Ash, a mere ten year old, is willing to sacrifice himself for a pikachu he knew one day. How, in ANYONE'S eyes, is that animal abuse? On top of that, ALL of the Ranger games are based on friendship, and oh, pokemon evolving through friendship/a bond with their trainer means nothing? Is THAT animal cruelty?), and in effect they parody the exact thing they're trying to campaign against. How does one take a needle sticking out of the back of that snivy's head seriously? It's a cruel misinterpretation of something serious, and focusing it entirely on the wrong thing. It really seems like they're mocking animal cruelty and using something unrelated to do it. It REALLY does. Because if they know what pokemon is truly about, they wouldn't be using it in this parody: unless they're parodying animal abuse itself.

How the heck is showing a shocking, disturbing video going to help anything? This whole thing made me disgusted at this organisation or whatever the heck they are. They should be ashamed if they think that this is going to stop people playing the games or consider that it's correct, because all they're doing is demonising something for the wrong purposes and taking its meaning FAR out of context and, in its process, saddening and angering fans in an attempt to guilt-trip them for playing something and loving something that apparently sends a horrifying message to its audience. That is disgusting. If they did their freaking research, they'd KNOW that so much of pokemon is based off friendship and they wouldn't be trying to send out some bogus message. They're freaking nazis trying to make a "point" in any way they can, even if it means completely twisting something innocent just to elevate their argument. Sure, if they had a POINT and if their assumptions were actually CORRECT and pokemon DID send out this message, then that would make more sense, but that's not the case. Doing THIS to pokemon is sickening, WRONG and makes no sense. It's such a pathetic attempt to protest because it has no freaking merit.

It's not some light-hearted parody if there's a horrific video not suitable for any CHILD to see early on in the game. Nor me, an eighteen year old. I would never want to see that. It's not a parody if it compared pokemon in poke balls to circus animals in shackles. That's pretty serious. I don't think they're doing that for freaking laughs. And an animal protection agency thing is not going to make a mockery of the thing they're fighting for. Yes, they mock pokemon, but they do it in seriousness, otherwise why would they do it? They're horribly misguided and uninformed if they think they have a single thing against pokemon.

Just quickly, the difference between animals in chains being trained for the circus and pokemon being trained to travel and battle alongside a trainer is free will. I'm tipping no animal in a circus wants to be shackled and trained (in cruel ways, mind you, which is NOT what pokemon encourages or depicts), but pokemon choose to. For instance, all of Ash's pokemon would sacrifice themselves for him, as he would sacrifice himself for them. They WANT to travel with him, and they have no problem battling. The thing is that through friendly competition, pokemon and traines alike grow and learn. But this horribly inaccurate group take the real meaning of pokemon, tear it into little pieces and hide it under the rug, taking the simplest negative meaning from it as possible.

I'm sensitive to people attacking pokemon. I love it far too much to sit by and see something like THIS CRAP happen and not be affected by it. It's like they're grasping at straws to content to attack, trying to send some failing message that has absolutely nothing to do with pokemon. And what the flip is with them doing this fifteen years too late? If they're really an animal rights organisation, why the heck did they ignore it all this time and then suddenly decide to attack it now? Are they really THAT slow, or are they just trying to attack anything they can? Maybe it's that they never thought of it as something terrible till now, because they want freaking attention and are willing to disgrace anything they can just to be recognised. Well they chose a futile way to do it, because this is going to change nobody's mind about animal cruelty. I took one look at this and was immediately against this group for being ignorant. They have no idea what they're talking about and therefore have no right to claim things that are ultimately absolutely false, and, as I said before, have not the slightest bit of accompanying credibility.

They made a fuss over a Tomb Raider game because Lara Croft shoots a tiger in self defence. That says to me that they're a petty group with weak assumptions and pathetic cases. Sure, they probably do good stuff here and there and their message, even if they fail TERRIBLY at getting it across in this instance, is probably one with good intentions, but WOW did they miss the mark with this. It just shows that they really have no freakin' idea what they're talking about. I won't take it seriously for that reason, but in saying that, that doesn't mean I think THEY don't reckon they're doing this in all seriousness.

Truthfully this seems like a way to anger fans than anything else. It's not going to change anybody's mind about anything other than the lowly standard of this organisation and their utter failure to create any sort of valid argument or point. I have ALWAYS been against animal abuse and heck, I have trouble killing MOTHS, but I will love pokemon till my dying day, and seeing it treated like this, and associated with this, horribly out of context, just makes me fume at this group.

If they wanted an effective campaign, they failed.

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