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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all! CM here yet again!

So I cut it off short last time because training was taking far too long. So I trained for a while and got everyone up to level 18. As you can see in the first post they learned new moves, and Leah has evolved into Servine! Now I think I'll go ahead and take on the gym, even though my previous goal was to challenge it at level 18. I think I'll be okay...

Dude! I like the design of Roxie's gym. I think it's unique. Okay, I've stared long enough. Battling the drummer first. Grimer vs Growlithe. I think Ammy should be able to handle this. And I was right. That was no problem at all. Next is Koffing, so I think I'll keep Amaterasu in. And again there was nothing to worry about. Now for the guitarist before Roxie... Really? She sends out Venipede? Too easy for my fire-type. One Ember and it is out! And another Koffing... I don't think I have any worries. Growlithe shall remain in the battle. And she is victorious, bringing me another win. So to be safe I'm going to heal at the Pokemon Center and come back to battle Roxie.

Back at the gym, and wow. Roxie does not like to be interrupted. So her Koffing against Amaterasu, level 15 against 18. I think I'll be okay... But I'm gonna keep a close eye on Ammy's health. And I think I did a smart move by using a Potion when she used a Super Potion. Both Pokémon are back to full health. My strategy now is to spam Ember since Ammy has a high Special Attack stat. Now with that out of the way... Whirlipede? Really?! This is gonna be eas- Dang it! Stupid Protect!! *huffs* I hate that move. I really do. It just delays things... Oh man. Venoshock did a fair amount of damage on Ammy... And then stupid Protect again! Luckily it only took two Ember attacks to take it out. Would you look at that! Amaterasu is now level 19! And wanting to learn Reversal... Okay, I'll forget Leer for it. Don't say anything! I'd rather keep Roar than Leer right now. Plus I have other Pokémon that know a move that lowers Defense.

And there we have it! Roxie has been defeated! Finally got my second badge! Now then off to the Pokémon Center... What? Some random dude comes up and tells me to go to the Pokéstar Studios? But what if I don't wanna go?! *sigh* I guess I gotta go. But first I am going to the Center. No one is stopping me!

Alright, now off to the place I'm being forced to go to. I really don't want to go to the Studios, at least not now. I want to go and get a new teammate... Really? Really?! Mr Stu Deeoh? That's stupid... OMG, he did not just call me dahling! No! Just no! Nuh-uh! *takes a moment* Okay, now to go on this bloody tour of the Pokéstars Studio... I don't wanna go! Quit forcing me to follow you! *sigh* Waste of time... No, I don't want to make my name known in Pokéstar Studios. I don't want to make movies. Quit talking to me so we can get this tour over with already...

Gah! The one dude did not just trade me off to someone else! I'm gonna go insane!! Now they're showing me a move... Riolu-Man? ... No comment. Also no comment when it comes to Brycen-Man. This... is so... I dunno! I could be doing other things right now like training or going to a new route to catch a Pokémon! ... Looks like the audience wasn't happy with the movie either. They were all sleeping with how much talking there is. Wow... looks like that was a bust. Waist of time, that was.

Does this never end?! Why torture me further by taking me to Stu Deeoh?!! ... That was painful to type... Seriously, it was. Please let me- No! I don't wanna go in! Torture, I tell you! Pure torture! I don't care how the movies are filmed. I just wanna continue my journey! I'll do all this in White 2! Gah! He did it again! He called me "dahling"!! I'm gonna die! ... Oh no. Nonono! He did not just say that! "Isn't it fabulous?!" No, you cannot say that! You took one of my character's signature words! Only Kailash can say fabulo- Not again! Enough with the "dahling"! No! No matter how much you beg I ain't gonna be in a movie! No! Nuh-uh! Never!! Oh heck no! Now you're bringing in Brycen? No! Just no!! *head desk*

Finally! I can leave!! *tries to run out of studios but get's stopped* No! Arceus no! Why are you torturing me?! *takes moment* Okay, let's just save the game for now and put it down before I throw the DS at a wall. I can't believe the game is making me do this. This is pointless! *sigh* Okay, gonna put it down now. I'll pick it up after I get over this. So then, that's it for-

Oh wait! I told y'all I did my permanent trade as well as one of my transfers. As you could have guessed Kailash the Glaceon was a transfer, and now I'm going to reveal the trade. So the Pokémon I traded over to Black 2 was... Victini! Yes, Victini. This is mainly for story purposes. That and I don't see Crystal using it. I think it's a great match for Spinel. So now I have a full team of six! Woo! Okay, that's all I have for now. Not sure when I'll pick the game up again because of that little... fiasco. *sigh* Until next time folks!
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