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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Red Team crosses through the back part of the lab. They see cells were people and pokemon were kept in. Scar rushes up.
"whoa I wonder whats been happening here." Scar heads turns as he hears the sounds of someone kicking.
The group rushes further up the hall and get to a door. Inside they see a grunt strapped down. He kicks around trying to break free from the chair. Max goes for the door but cant seem to get it open as the they try get the door up they notice a beautiful sparkly mist pour from the vents. The grunt soon stops fighting. He seemed to be a little dazzed but happy. A voice over the speakers calls to them.

"What you are witnessing is the second form of the Lunar Serum. The vials in the other room are the liquid form of it, theyre side effects include everything from commas to complete memory loss. However the mist was created to mimic Cresselia's effect."

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