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Default Re: Hi, I'm a person

You can, yes. However, you are far more likely to make mistakes - Word is perfect for spell checking. You can also figure ou the right length.

I often shoot for 7-10 pages (not double spaced) on Word per chapter, but that's difficult for starters. That amount usually winds up being 2-3 posts (there is a 20,000 character limit per post).

The buttons you see when you type? "B" stands for Bold, "I" stands for Italic, and "U" stands for Underline. Fonts and sizes lets you choose the font and size, and the "A" next to those let's you select colors. From there you can experiment, as those are the essential basics.

...Oh and next to the "B" "I" and "U" are three line buttons. I often use the middle one, "Center" ;)

I hope this helps!
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