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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

*Holds his head* <*Thinking to himself* d**m, my head hurts>.

*Had gotten a fair glimpse of the Noctowl man, suffered a serious case of flashbacks to what most likely did NOT occur, attempting to forget them*

<Memories that aren't possible...I'll need help. But they aren't hurting me yet, so until it gets serious, I'll just ignore them for now.>

<On another note, how did that officer NOT notice that at least I was part of one of those clans? I'm wearing Tyrant Clan grab...Maybe he wasn't familiar with it, is all...But Nurse Joy would have...She was just covering for me, Markus, don't be all paranoid.>

*Notices the Noctowl* ...Ah, come on. Probably the Noctowl Man's parting gift to Chrome, and they didn't deal with it...bloody hell.
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