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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Yellow looks over having never noticed the Tyrant symbol. She looks over Markus confused. She then looks back at the Noctowl.
"Would you to wait a moment !"

She walks out into the middle of the floor and Noctowl swoops down near her.

Yellow smiles and moves a little closer.
"You have a hurt wing huh ?" the Noctowls head turns snapping at her as she gets closer. The owl pokemon makes a cooing sound. Yellow looks down at the pokeball.
"If you like we can help you get out of here, I know your must be scared being trapped in here. " The Noctowl pauses then it presses down on its own pokeball.

Yellow picks it up and smiles at the others.
"Give me one second." She closes her eyes and focuses as hard as she can. Once she is done she walks passed the others and opens the ball outside. The Noctowl inspects its wings and rubs its head against Yellow.

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