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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
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Inside the Wooper goes...


Steak captured the wild Wooper!

You're becoming quite the little Johto hunter, aren't you? Of course, not everything is peachy clean. Sure, Poke Balls float on water. But this also makes them susceptible to current.

The Lure Ball begins to float away when suddenly-


A wild Whiscash appeared!
Swallowed the Lure Ball whole
Cannot be captured.

You've got a real problem on your hands. How on earth are you going to retrieve your Wooper now? I mean, you're not even sure when the last time that thing even went. Sticking around to wait for...remains...could take hours!

You better think quickly. That Whiscash looks like it's getting away.

Trainer: Steak
Currently: whiscash no. stop

so yeah

what basically ends up happening is that you catch up the awful weird ball-devouring Whiscash in a matter of literally one second and tackle into it with your board. after it coughs the ball up you begin to wrestle with it, as God grabs the Lure Ball and hops off to shore. good job A+ effort guys!

you grab onto Lemongrab (...) as he SolarBeams you guys out of the water. wow this guy sure is chock full of sunlight.
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