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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

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“I would like to apologize in advance for whatever difficulty Zayna might cause. Things have been a little… different for her since the merge. Let me talk to her. I might be able to get through to her.”

No one in the room seemed to mind that. It probably would be best to have a friend of Zayna's speak with her beforehand. Also this wasn't something that needed to be rushed. So far only part of the Council was working on this, the Pokémon trainers being the ones on staff for this. Other members were off working on their own plans, most involving ideas and concepts more familiar to their own worlds.

“But if I might be so bold,” Cheren continued, “I think it might help if we somehow show that the Council supports the Battle Subway. After all, it has helped to retain a part of our old world’s culture, and has helped many newcomers adjust to Pokémon as companions. If it is at all possible, perhaps we could give something more than mere compensation for the taken rails. Personally, I have two ideas—both which might seem a little outlandish, but… We could involve the Battle Subway in the upcoming Tournaments. Or, we could do a trade, of sorts. Land for land. Zayna will see the Council’s seizure as stealing, and she won’t be appeased by mere compensation. But if we give rather than take…”

"If I may," Keynoma then spoke up, having been listening to the whole conversation. "I do not foresee the whole tournament taking place on the Subway, but I would like to suggest having the preliminaries on the rails. It would save time for more battles can take place at a given time than if we were to use the stadiums."

So far all the ideas have been good ones, or at least in Cynthia's mind. Either way they'd need to make peace with Zayna in order to get her cooperation with the situation. It would benefit the Battle Subway if part of the tournament were to take place on the trains, most likely boosting business with the publicity. Also a trade off had its charms, even though as to what they could offer that would interest the Unova Champion... the Sinnoh Pokémon Champion was not sure.

"Would she allow us to host tournament battles in the Subway?" Lance then asked, voicing a concern the champions shared. "We would need her permission to do so, even if we wanted to just run preliminary battles."

"And if it is a trade she would want, what is it we could offer that would interest her?" Cynthia added, wanting to make sure they covered all of the bases.
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