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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
Lunch Room/ Roof

"Amelia." The teenaged girl responded to Jeremy a few moments later, shrugging her shoulders. "In case you hadn't noticed, my brother is a little bit preoccupied right now, and I'd just end up being a third wheel."

Jeremy turned to the direction where Amelia was looking, seeing that Keiru was sitting at a table with a girl.

"I'm now wondering why you decided to come over here. It's quite intriguing if I'm honest." Amelia's voice brought Jeremy to turn back around and looked at her, seeing a smirk on her lips as the two locked eyes. "I mean, I'm from District One, not exactly a district that's traditionally friendly with yours. On top of that, I'm the sister of the tribute that shot at your own sister's daughter. Forgive me for being skeptical, but I'm not exactly sitting in your good books."

Jeremy remained silent during the moments Amelia had paused, trying his best to figure out the girl sitting across from him. She then sat up properly on the chair and folded her arms over her chest, giving Jeremy a smile.

"Though I wouldn't be against talking to you."

"Oh really?" Jeremy teased with a playful smile on his face. "Let's see, you are from District One after all, and you're right about our Districts not getting along too well. You're also right about your brother shooting an arrow at my sister's daughter." Jeremy paused, pretending he was lost in thought about the whole situation, though he gave out a chuckle. "Well for one, I'm nice to people if they're nice to me; it doesn't matter what District they're from. And two, you're not the one who shot the arrow at Aria. So for now since you actually haven't done anything to upset me, you're in my good book for now." Jeremy shrugged, taking a bite from his apple.

"So anyways," Jeremy began, swallowing his mouthful of apple. "Do you honestly know why your brother shot an arrow at Aria in the first place? I don't remember him giving my family any dirty looks since we've been here, or you giving us dirty looks either, so why would your brother shoot that arrow?"

“I can imagine.” Ichiru responded to Ashley after a few moments. “I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s thinking is a little screwed up right now, with this situation we‘ve all been thrown into.” Ichiru then looked at the ground for a moment then, bringing Ashley to do the same when knowing what he was thinking about. “I wish we could escape it somehow.”

"Me too." Ashley agreed as she gave a nod, looking up to the ledge of the roof. She walked over to it and looked down towards the city, the breeze flowing through her curls as the sun's rays beamed down and exposed Ashley's natural blonde and red highlights in her hair. "It's a shame that all of my parent's hard work during their rebellion didn't pay off. The only thing that changed was the rule stating that two victors could be crowned if both originated from the same District."

Ashley paused, looking around the roof with the slight fear that someone might be there and overhear her, but the only two on the roof were Ichiru and Ashley. She looked back over to Ichiru, her fire-red dress lightly flowing with the wind as well.

"Maybe we should start our own rebellion." Ashley joked and gave Ichiru another smile, trying to lighten the mood. She walked over to Ichiru and stood in front of him, placing a hand softly on his cheek. "With you promising to protect us... I don't know how I could ever repay you. I don't know how yet, but I'm going to make sure both of us come out alive in that arena. I know we're from different Districts, but I'm going to find a way for both of us to survive. I'm going to protect you too. I promise."

Ashley stared into Ichiru's eyes for a moment, an attraction making itself known for the other tribute. She couldn't explain it, nor did she understand it since she hasn't known Ichiru for that long and logic telling her that he could stab her in the back at any moment, but her heart told her that Ichiru would never do that. It told her that Ichiru truly did care for her, and that he would keep his promise.

A car's horn from down in the city snapped Ashley out of her daze, placing her hand down to her side and took a step back, fighting away a blush but still gave Ichiru a smile.

"We should head back down to the dining hall. The group might start to get worried." Ashley said, walking passed Ichiru and towards the door. Once she was back in the dining room her attention shifted to Matt, who had a bruise already forming on his cheek. Matt didn't say or do anything, simply giving Ashley a glare as she made her way back to her table.

"Is everything okay?" Caroline asked as she tore her gaze away from Kiseki.

"Yeah." Ashley said with a smile, giving her daughter a kiss on the forehead. When she looked at the emptied spot where Jeremy was sitting before however, Ashley looked at her parents in confusion. "Where's Jeremy?"

"He's sitting by the District One girl." Peeta responded, Ashley scanning the room and finding Jeremy sitting with Amelia.

"Isn't she Keiru's sister?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah." Katniss responded.

"Keiru told me why he shot the arrow at Aria." Ashley said, eyes from her table traveling to her. "Long story short, he actually wasn't trying to hurt her. He was actually protecting her, from people like Matt. He wanted Aria out of the Training Center before Matt or anyone else tried to actually kill her."

"We need to tell Jeremy that later so he doesn't go crazy trying to find Keiru in the arena." Peeta said. Ashley nodded, taking a bite from a piece of bread.

"We've been wanting to talk to you guys about a very important strategy in the arena." Stefan said as he looked at the tributes in front of him. "We'll tell Jeremy this later, but since all of you guys are an alliance then there's something you need to know. In the arena, right in the beginning when everyone goes to the Cornucopia, if things get too dangerous and complicated then you guys need to run and go your separate ways. Like say if Ashley, Jeremy and Caroline were on one side of the Cornucopia and Ichiru, Kiseki and Michael were on the other, if it doesn't look like you guys can regroup then you have to run. Run as far away from the Cornucopia as you can, and then when about two or three days pass by then make your way back to the Cornucopia so you guys can all regroup. This way if you guys do end up getting separated then you have a plan to come back together at a meeting spot."

"That's a really good idea." Caroline agreed.

"We were talking about that in the Training Center today." Katniss said.

"Yeah. We would had told you guys before but after Ashley left, Ichiru punched Matt right in the face." Peeta said in amusement.

"What?" Ashley's jaw dropped, now understanding why Matt seemed so furious.

"It was awesome." Aria giggled as the group chuckled, even Ashley.

OOC: I'll just continue so Keiru and Caitlyn can have their date on the roof :)
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