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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All: Trainer Stats

total points earned292
Bonus: -61
points spent:-154
current points:67
Damien - Male -
Nature: Naive

Full List of Pokemon (Full Pokedex 13)(Caught 11)(Fully Evolved 2 )(Evolved 3 )

Pokemon In Party:

Feral (Male)(level 18)
Status: Able
Likes Spicy Foods
Steve (Male)(level 20)
Status: Able
Likes Sweet Foods
Riot (Male)(lvl 15)
Status: Able
Likes Dry Foods
Spindle(Female)(level 22)
Status: Able
Likes Bitter Foods
Razzle(Female)(level 9)
Status: Able
Likes sweet foods
Orpheus/Krabby(Male)(level 13)
Status: Replacing Daze
Likes Sweet Foods


mystery pokemon (gender unkown) (level X)
Status: Partner
Likes ... Food

Skip/Hoppip (Male)(level 11)
Status: Boxed
Likes Bitter Foods

Amp/Mareep (Female)(level 9)
Status: Boxed
Likes Sour Foods

Unown D/ (No Gender)(level 20)
Status: With Dredd

Strike/Sandshrew (Male)(level 9)
Status: Boxed
Likes Sweet Foods

Ilsa/Zubat (Female) (Level 10) (Shadow Bonus: 10)
Status: Boxed (Shadow)
Likes Bitter Foods

Sentret(-5) Spinarak(-6) mystery pokemon(-X)
Wooper(-9) Unown(-20) Mareep (-9) Shadow Zubat (-20)

(-15 Furret, -18 Croconaw, -22 Ariados)

Leveling Up(-10)
Steve +5lvls(-10)

6)Unown D
Daze(nuetral)(level 20)
Status: Unable(new)
Likes ??? foods

events: (-61)
Bug Catcher tourney (+4)
Ghastly (+2)
Haunter (-3)
gry apricorn (-25)
Hatched Ryhorn (-15)
Zephr Badge (-15)
Hatched Krabby(-13)

cooking supplies
Apricorn Case: GRY apricorn
Potion: 1 (heals a pokemon up to 15 points)
Rare Candy( increase a Pokemon's level by 10)

Zephr Badge(lvl25 listens)

Recieved Tododile, Caught Sentret, Confrontation with Chrome, Met Sam Oak, Now member of team Tyrant, Caught Spinarak, Bug Catcher Tourney, officially acquired egg(Rhyhorn), acquired apricorn case, ghastly battle, caught mystery pokemon, ran from haunter, Sprout Tower completed, gry apricorn, cooking supplies, egg hatched, Lvled Steve, beat Faulkner, [not officially]acquired egg(Krabby), caught Wooper, OMG rational Point!!, Captured Unknown D, Merry christmas I getz candy!!, Spindle beats Dark Daze, officially acquired Krabby Egg, Caught Hoppip, hatched Krabby, Caught Shadow Zubat, Caught Sandshrew

"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
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