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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
Since no one wnats my help I am quit happy to let the forum die out and move onto new thing's.

Everything is gone for me now on pe2k

they are no clan wars
they are no active clans
I got no people on pe2k left i consider friends

staying here, idk i don't know why I stay here, a fools hope things will get better? Maybe I should just leave like everyone else, no one wants me here anywyas
It's a sad realization that forums, as a means of socialization, have died out. It's not just Pe2k, Marriland and Pokebeach have been dead for a long time. The only real "active" forums are Smogon, but like they're crazy, and Serebii.. but they're also crazy. I started out on Pe2k and I know how you feel, I've talked to DSL/TUST... now its Judge? about it. We thought about making a FB group just to get more active people, its an idea, would take a little work though.
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