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Default Team Plasma Beginners Tourny ! Match-Ups Posted !

Team Plasma Beginners Tourny

We ate Team Plasma have gotten our hands on a very special Pokemon that we are looking to give away ! But, we aren't to give it up to just anyone. You will need to prove your strength in battling ! For those of you will full trained ev'd Pokemon, we are not looking for you. This is a recruiting drive ! We are only looking for trainers using Pokemon from level 20-30, 35-45 and level 50 flat battles

The winners of the tournament will be awarded any Pokemon from a our great Battling Center Shop. The runner up will be rewarded a shiny pokemon from our collection. The best part everyone taking part in this will be given the event Genesect.

Sign Ups starts right now and ends on Monday 10/17, This tourny will begin on Thursday 10/18
This tourny is meant to help those of you who didnt get your hands on Genesect. The tourny is not menat for competitive trained pokemon. This is about battling with your in game team! The one we all love to battle with but didn't spend the time ev training or iv breeding !

The Set Up
.There will be three different brackets to choose from.
(Group 1) Single battles 3 v 3, Pokemon need to be between levels 20-30
(Group 2) Single battles 4 v 4, Pokemon need to be between levels 35-45
(Group 3) Single battles 3 v 3, Flat Battle

Team Plasma Beginners Tourny
The rules
.No Ev trained allowed
.Basic PE2K rules apply
.Freeze,Sleep, Species Clauses (all Basic Clauses !)
.No legendary pokemon allowed
.No Held items

Sign-up Form

GMT/Time your online to battle:
Group you want to join:

Special Thanks to
bronislav84 for volunteering to give out Genesect.

If we can start hosting tournies successfully we will start bringing back battlers that left for more active forums, we can also attract new battlers !

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Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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