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Default Re: Ideas for PE2K!

Why do you like PE2K?
Everyone is rather friendly and the staff are approachable. I feel like it's a very comfortable place to be in. :3

What is it about the site/forum that you most enjoy?
The home-y feel is definitely great! I can get into conversations here without feeling intimidated.

What would you like to see pop up on our site/forum?
More community events! Maybe somewhere where members can sign up for a game and be put into teams, then be assigned tasks to do. I've always loved participating in something like that.

If you could change an aspect of PE2K for the better, what would it be?
I feel like the forum seems a bit disorganized.. there's lots of stickies and it can be a bit confusing to find things because of that. There's also the issue of having so many staff members who haven't been on for months. ; ; The site seems messy because of these two things, though that could just be me.
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