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Default Re: PETA’s Pokemon Attack: My Biased Response

Originally Posted by CM View Post
Guys, can we please just let this go? As I said on the last one, we get it and PETA got the attention they wanted. I sincerely believe we are wasting the time and energy we're using on this that should be focused on the newest games in the franchise. One article, maybe two, was fine on this subject. Not five! We are letting this ruin the new games release! Please, I am begging you, stop posting articles on PETA's Pokemon Black and Blue and let us get back to the main focus of this week- Pokemon Black and White 2!
Agreed. I'm kind of tired with all of the "PETA DID THIS" and "PETA DID THAT" in this section, so much to the point that I'm just purposely looking elsewhere whenever I see the word "PETA" on a thread name . I'd love to read more info on BW2 to be honest :3


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