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Default [PROJECT] Inops region - Location Maps

Greetings on and all! I may or may not have stated this already, but my Jentoh comic is going to have a sequel. This sequel will take place in the Inops region. The only snag I have is coming up with the time to work on the cities and towns. So I come to you looking for some assistance in creating the cities and towns.

This is the Inops Region

"But Ant2011, those are numbers, not names!"
Don't fret, I have the location names here.

1: Profundus City
2: Ostium City
3: Gelu City
4: Nova City - DONE BY Ant2011
5: Opulen City
6: Iniquus City
7: Solum Town
8: Effrenus Town
9: Alienigena Mountain - TAKEN BY Ant2011
10: Barbarus Town
11: Porta Town
12: Lentus Town
13: Provectus Town - DONE BY Ant2011
14: Fragosus Town
15: Exanimus Town
16: Decursus Town

If you want to help out, just make a post below of the location you want to do so nobody else does it. If too much time passes and someone else wants to do the location you've reserved I'll let them do it. Please use these Tiles (credit to Kyledove and Speed at TSR) when you make the map.

Locations 1 through 6 need to look wealthy and very nice. They should be large with big buildings.

Locations 7 and 8 need to look average. They should be medium with regular sized buildings.

Locations 10 through 16 need to look poor and rundown. They can be any size with small or damaged buildings.

I am doing Location 4 (Nova City), Location 9 (Alienigena Mountain), and Location 13 (Provectus Town)

In case you're wondering, all these names are based on latin. So if you have any knowledge of the latin language you might be able to figure out the location translations.

Thank you for helping me!
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