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Default Re: What Is Your Favourite Pokemon Film

#3: Pokemon the First Movie. The concept of cloning has always fascinated me, so to see a whole movie about cloning was amazing. Then with Meowth's touching line with his clone, that hit hard. Not gonna lie, Mewtwo's armor in the beginning was pretty awesome too.

#2: Giratina and the Sky Warrior. I loved it because it was a movie focused on Giratina. If you don't yet know, I am a HUGE Giratina fan. The Distortion/Reverse world would be my ideal vacation spot. Plus Zero and his AI Infi are awesome.

#1: Destiny Deoxys. Let's see, Hoenn based move? CHECK. Alien Pokemon? CHECK. Blastoise and Blaziken tag battle in the beginning? CHECK. High tech city? CHECK. Cool soundtrack? CHECK. What else can I say? This movie was amazing. Seeing my two favorite starters in a tag battle in the beginning set the bar for the rest of this movie in my eyes, And it didn't fail to deliver! LaRousse City was an astonishing feat of engineering to me. 4 moving sidewalks, two fast and two standard, the "Block Bots" that become bridges, and the memorable cast make this move my all time favorite movie.
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