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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Damien points! "Cool wild Caterpie. Wow they do look cute. Hey Tododile, can you help me.
Tododile: (talking to Ren and ignoring Damien) "Bob takes no thought literaly it just pops into your head and I don't think I look anything like a Bob. Chompy, well I don't even see how he came up with that one."Dude, what are you doing? Wait what if you don't like those names because those are guy names. Are you female?"
Tododile: (still talking to Ren) "Tch! Please tell me he didn't ask that."
Tododile spun around and used scratch on Damien!
Damien: "Yeouch! I guess that means no! You know man that really hurt!"Damien has his hand raised to his face. "You guys still haven't told me about Noctowl dude. What's the story there?"
(Woot!Second Pokemon involved in the First Pokemon Conversation!!)
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