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Official's Post:
You reach the South Annexe and find yourself once again in darkness. Whatever that purple light was, it's gone now! Dim light forces it way through the dusty windows so you can just move around without walking into anything.

You look around for the librarian but he is no where to be seen. "Hello?" you call out. A high pitched giggle from somewhere behind you seems to be your answer, it's closer now. At the same time, a purple light springs back into life a few metres in front of you. This time, you can see that it's attached to a small, round white creature that resembles a candle. The candle Pokemon is so cute. "Wick, litwick," it almost purrs as it floats away from you again, then stops. "Wick, litwick." Maybe this Litwick knows where the librarian is?

Bushfire jumps down from your head and begins to follow the Litwick which is leading you between the ceiling high shelves. You hesitate, thinking that there was probably some reason why following a strange Pokemon is a bad idea. Bushfire has all but disappeared from view now and all you can see clearly is the purple light slowly growing smaller as the Pokemon get further away.

You feel something brush against the back of your neck and something giggles softly, right near your ear. There is no mistaking the sound this time. This place is definitely starting to creep you out and the desire to flee almost takes hold. But you can't leave Bushfire all alone! What are you going to do?!

Official's Post:
You enter through the maintenance room and find yourself in the East Wing of the library. On a table in front of you is Eti, slumped over the chair, with his cheek pressed against the cold wooden tabletop. His eyes are shut and some kind of dusty old Luxury Ball is clenched in his hand. A Shuppet and Sewaddle lay next to him, also motionless.

"Eti!" you cry, trying to shake him awake, but he doesn't move at all. His skin feels eerily cold. You look up, wondering what you should do next, and see a strange purple light across the other side of the library. If you squint, you can almost make out a human-shape shadow over there. Maybe it's someone who can help?! You have no idea what's going on, but it's time to make a decision! Do you leave Eti and head for the light, or stay back and try to figure out what's going on?
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Zenith Town Library
Tiny shouts at eti to get up or he stealing the Luxary ball
Eti does n't get up so tiny takes it and the tells Pigd and Wolfe to keep watch on him and

Tiny then told spookey to get beside him and retuned Eveevee to her ball and headed to the light and was ready to fight with his 4 pokemon while the other two protected Eti
protecting Eti
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