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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

(Just checking: Metapod has 13 Points in Gold/Silver now? Or is this just for capture, and it's at it's usual 7? I'll change it if needed)

Hold it. *Eyes Metapod* It may be a Metapod, but I sure do want it!

Capturee: Metapod
Assistant: Girius the Totodile
Points using: 13
Points on hand: 20
Points afterwards: 7

May the Zelda jokes commence!

It'll do. Awesome job, Girius. *High-Fives Girius*

...You know, that whole scenario about somebody turning into a 'Shadow' sounds familiar to something, it's scratching at the surface of my mind but I just cannot remember what...Could be important. But that's just me, carry on.

<*Thinking to himself*...OK, vow to myself, right now: See if I can cure my head if these 'memories' crop up too much.>

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