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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
Location: Zenith Town
Pokemon: Tangela
58 - 40 = 18
Link to stats:
Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Location: Zenith Town
Pokemon: Zigzagoon
109 - 25 = 84
Link to stats: Here~

"...Well, at least they treat them with respect," Quinn says while talking to Shinx, arriving at Pokemon Ranch - Zenith Branch.

"Still, it's more unnatural than Poke Balls," Shinx replies.

"How in wh--Oh! Hi sir! May I see the Pokemon you have here?"

"Sure thing," The man replied. He then whispered, "Why are you talking to your Shinx like it's capable of human speech? I thought only Meowth from the show could do that."

"Trade secret," Quinn replies. He takes a quick look, then spots a creature that has zigzags on it's body. It looks more abandoned than the rest.

"Do you know what he's saying, Shinx?"

"He feels alone since no one gets him."

"Sir, I'll take that Zigzagoon!"

Pokemon Ranch Owner

The elderly Ranch Owner nods at your words and takes a long, concentrated breath.

He begins to hum deeply, communing with the spirits of life and nature.

The Pokemon you request make their way towards you as if in a trance.

The humming stops, and the old man turns and makes his way into the other room. His tall, intimidating assistant watches as he wanders off and says to you, "Boss says you hurt these guys he hurt you. Take care kiddos."

Minty received Tangela! Be sure to edit your stats accordingly.

Quinn received Zigzagoon! Be sure to edit your stats accordingly, or boss is gonna hurt you.
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