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Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze)
Currently: Getting off the hook

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

You're quite welcome. After all, without me no one would know your marvellous tale, would they?


Sarcasm. Okay then.

"No funny business!" the policeman yells at you, his eyes locked onto yours. "We've got Remoraid in the car and we're not afraid to use them!"

As you ponder about what a Remoraid is, you see a few of the policeman head into the lighthouse with their partner Pokemon in tow - they all donned the same blue uniform and serious expression on their faces. You begin to panic and wonder if you had done something wrong. You notice that the little girl's eyes have begun to water slightly.

"Umm, sir," she whispered nervously, her gaze fixed loosely on the ground in front of her. "Excuse me, I-"

"Confirmed!" one of the policeman yells as he runs out of the tower. "The injured Pokemon has been confirmed as injured and provoked! The lighthouse Electivire is fully unconscious from the stress!"

"All right. Take them away."

What?! You've only just begun your journey and already it's coming to an end? You feel your heart rate soar, the tears in your eyes slowly starting to form. It was all over. It had to be.

The cop walks over to you, brings your hands down from the air and locks a pair of handcuffs around your wrists - the cold metal digs into your skin, forcing more tears to collect in your eyes. "You're under arrest for suspicion of assault on a working Pokemon. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an-"

"Stop, please!" the little girl screeches beside you, flinging herself at the policeman in an attempt to help you evade arrest. "I did it! It was all me!"

"You?" The cop raised one eyebrow. "But you're just a little girl!"

"I came to the lighthouse because I heard there was a strong Pokemon living here!" the girl began, her cheeks beginning to burn bright red. "I have no Pokemon of my own, y'see, and my papa gave me these Quick Balls in an attempt to catch it with. B-but it was too strong, it escaped from my first Quick Ball and got really angry!"

"So you enraged the Electivire?" the cop questioned, pulling out a notepad and pen.

"Y-yes. I hid when it began to rampage, and that's when this trainer came to save me! I'd be dead if not for her. S-so, please, if you're going to arrest anybody, arrest me and let her go."

You feel a pang of pride in your stomach. You were glad you saved this child, and you were even gladder that she had the courage to clear your name.

"All right." You feel the handcuffs fall from your hands as the policeman unlocks them. "You're free to go. What's your name? Zayna, isn't it? Thank you for your time."

"A-am I going to go to jail?" the girl panicked, shaking slightly.

"No, of course not," the policeman cooed softly, jotting down some notes. "What's your name, little girl?"

"Daniella. Can you take me back to papa?"

"Of course, we'll drive you home."

You see Daniella get into the car with another police officer, and the cop car carefully drives away. You see her wave at you. She's still a little tearful.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all of that," the policeman says to you. "That Electivire powers the lighthouse. It is vital that it stays healthy so that ships can safely dock here in Andromeda. Again, thank you for your assistance."

The policeman begins to walk away. However, he tosses you two round, blue objects. "Take 'em. Daniella gave them to me when she left. She said she wanted you to have them."

Zayna obtained two Quick Balls! Charmander also gained +1 battle experience point from the fight!

And for the record, no, that kid wasn't arrested. He's just mocked brutally and called idiotic by unreasonable anime fans. So you're still much, much better off.


...Heh, you really had me going there for a little while. You really did. I, uh... I think I need to go sit down somewhere...

At any rate, it's understatement to say that I am SUPER relieved right now, and truly grateful that Daniella stood up for me. I felt sorry for the kid, but I was sure glad I had swooped in and saved her. I hoped that everything would go okay for her--and I hoped that one day she might be able to find Pokemon of her own. Hopefully, she wouldn't try to capture a captive Pokemon again...

After learning about the importance of the Electrivire, I could understand why the cops had been so hasty in their actions. I nodded to them politely and gave them my thanks, then watched as I watched them drive off. As soon as they were out of sight, I heaved a mighty sigh of relief.

"That was unbelievable," I marveled to myself. For a brief second there, I really thought I was going to jail. If this journey of mine was going to get me anywhere, I had to be more careful in the future. Staring down at Blaze's Poke Ball, I thought about what to do next. Blaze could probably use a quick restoration at the Pokemon Center. I'd better stop there before heading out to Route 1.

Forcing my wobbly knees to cooperate, I wandered off to the P.C., then... to Route 1.


*Leaving Andromeda Town FINALLY for Route 1*

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