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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

When Eti won't respond, you rip the Luxury Ball from his hand. It makes no difference... Eti doesn't move at all. You pocket the Pokeball. You leave your Pidgeotto and Poochyena to watch over Eti and decide to head for the strange purple light. As you walk, you realise the light is moving! You follow its new path. When you get close, you see that the light emanates from a strange chandelier-like Pokemon and it seems to be hovering over something lying on the floor!

You look carefully and can finally make out who's lying on the ground... it's Eti! But, it can't be? You left his body back near the entrance... This Eti looks very pale and weak, almost ghost-like. You gasp as Chandelure obliterates Eti's Sewaddle with one attack. Strangely, the poor Pokemon disappears completely. What's going on?

You try not to panic. Somehow Eti has managed to become separated from his body, and now this Pokemon is stealing the life force from the ghost-Eti!

You cringe as your accidentally knock a book from the shelf next to you. The Chandelure notices immediately and turns away from Eti. "Luuuurreeee" its sweet voice beckons you. You run, dodging around bookcases, but the thing follows you easily. There is no escape and no time to waste! You only have one chance to save your friend, and yourself! You have to fight!

Angry Chandelure appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle.
Cannot be caught.
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Zenith Town Library
protecting Eti

Battling Chandelure

Spookey use Shadow ball
Goldey use Water pluse
Nina use dig
Eveevee run to Wofle and Pigd and get them to come and help us and you look for Sewaddle
Spookey Dark Pulse
Goldey use Waterfall
Nina use dig and cover Eveevee to Pigd and Wolfe
Spookey use Shadow ball
Goldey use Waterpulse
Wofle used Howl
Pigd used Brave bird on
Nina used dig
Tiny tells his team to attack it so it can't get attack and Pigd should take all ghost type move since the don't affect it and Goldey should use water pulse when it use fire attacks
Let's hold out until Eveevee gets back
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