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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
...Daaaang, maybe I should get the Dream Radar thing xD Man, I need to catch a Sigilyph in White still D:

...I just realized my Riolu has a timid nature... *headdesk*
It's fun. You look like a manic trying to catch Pokemon, but it's certainly fun, I promise! Like I said, if you really need one, I've got a good few. XD Not sure what their natures are, though...I can go look if you want.

Name: Reine Noir
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Reine is the kind of girl whose appearance you don't really forget--but it's not her 5' 6" height, lean body, or clear fair skin that marks her as different--it's mainly her mid-back length strawberry blonde hair (usually found in a pair of braids, one resting on each shoulder,) and her eyes, which are pale blue in color and stand out above a dusting of freckles across her cheeks. While she's often seen in a variety of outfits, including her stage costumes while she's running around PokeStar Studios, her normal street clothes seem to suggest that she's always cold. Typically she's found out and about wearing a wide-necked, violet cable-knit sweater with sleeves that almost hide her hands and a knee-length puffy beige skirt with violet flowers printed on it with brown cowboy boots that look like they've probably seen better days. She keeps all her supplies and pokeballs in a simple brown messenger bag that hardly ever leaves her side.
Personality: For a girl who happens to be one of PokeStar Studios' biggest stars, Reine is surprisingly kind. She's friendly as can be, willing to talk to her fans for hours after a new release and ready to help anyone who needs it, regardless of whether or not they love of hate her acting. In fact, she tends to act more like a normal girl than an actor, though she can take on the personality of someone else so quickly and easily it's almost disturbing, often leaving those who don't know her well wondering if they've ever seen the "real" Reine Noir. She's an easy smiler, however she's prone to breakdowns if she sees or somehow gets caught up in anything violent, which is why she avoids battling like the plague, even though she would trust any of her Pokemon with her life, with the exception of her Deino, whom she treats like he's her own child most times.
Home World: Pokémon (Unova)
Pre-BW2 and BW2 Timelime, very minor spoilers
Reine was born and raised as an only child in Aspertia City, Unova. She grew up among Pokemon-loving people who lead relatively slow lives, children leaving the City as soon as they were old enough to get their first Pokemon and only showing up again occasionally. She spent most of her childhood with her friend Hugh, who was a pretty energetic kid, if a bit too hardheaded to let even simple things go. Things were going fine until Team Plasma attacked Aspertia when they were younger, and right after, Hugh and his little sister (whom Reine had spent a little time playing with as well) seemed really upset, though neither would tell her why. Things changed, however, the day she was allowed to choose her first Pokemon, a male Oshawott she promptly named Niege. Hugh told her he needed her and Niege to get strong so her would alway have someone to back him up, for what, she never found out...or so so Reine thinks. She went out on your typical rite-of-passage Pokemon journey, however hers was far from typical, as it was at this point that Team Plasma, thought to have been disbanded two years ago, chose to come back around the same time, and she constantly got pulled into situations involving them thanks to Hugh...though thanks to her final encounter with them, she remembers hardly anything about Team Plasma, except that the former members who lived in the house in Driftveil were in fact very kind. No one is exactly sure what happened, other than the fact that after the event, she seemed very shaken up, and went back to Himilau City to rest up with her Pokemon before heading to the Pokemon League...except the next morning, she packed up her stuff and headed back to Virbank City and PokeStar Studios, suddenly incredibly afraid to actually battle her Pokemon. When later asked about the events the day before, her last encounter with Team Plasma, Reine claimed to have no idea what the questioners were talking about. She didn't remember what happened at all, and continued on with her acting career at the studios, becoming a well-loved actress.

When the worlds combined, she was in the middle of shooting a scene, and remembers nothing but blacking out and eventually waking up on the studio floor, surrounded by her Pokemon. Upon going outside, it seemed that Pokestar Studios and Virbank City had been melded together with another town, and there were many other people who looked out of place there and didn't seem to know about Pokemon. Finally getting things sorted out, PokeStar Studios remained open and kept producing movies, leading Reine to continue her acting career without incident...well, with very, very few incidents. Crazed fans are kind of a given. She still stays in contact with a few people in her past...well, the ones who learned quickly to stop peppering her with questions about events she swore she didn't remember. Except on occasion those events will creep up on her and take her by surprise--especially when she least expects it.
Deino-Male-Yajuu (Reine uses a multitude of name shortenings for his name)
Zoroark-Female-Mother (Often takes the form of a human woman who hovers by Reine's side, talking more often with her hands than the telepathy Reine a few others know she can use.)
Link: Prolly gonna shoot myself later, but Kyurem
Other: This is what happens when you give Mei a different face. XD

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