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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all! Crystal here, once again to bring you entertainment!

Now before we begin, I need to tell y'all something. I will be leaving to visit my grandmother this Saturday, so I will not be able to update this for a few days after this post. I will be able to get on when I'm up there, which will be about two weeks, but I cannot be certain I can be on long enough to do the Nuzlocke. I prefer typing out my posts as I play so I don't have to think back on it and miss something like I did in the first post. Also I just wanted to say I so called it! White 2 was trolling me when I started looking for a female Growlithe on it! Took me over a day to find one with on and off searching, but I finally found a female with Intimidate so I'm happy. Now then, to get back to what y'all are really here for.

Now we last left of at... Oh... Pokéstar Studios... *head desk* I really don't want to do this, y'all. I really don't. But I guess I can't continue the game if I don't so... *takes deep breath* Here we go... Okay, if you wanted me to use one of your own Pokémon then don't give me the option of using my own first! *sigh* Okay, stay calm Crystal... Wait, I don't even know what kind of movie y'all are forcing me to make! How am I supposed to get into character?! ... Okay, battles I can do... This is kinda sorta straight forward, so it's not too bad... Really? You're calling me Riolu Girl? *face palm* This is ridiculous! And... That was quick... Wow... So it wasn't that painful I guess... Gah! I spoke too soon! He called me dahling again! And he just did it again! And no, he did not just say "Ciao!" either! It doesn't work for me!!*gets up and bangs head against nearest wall*

Okay... Now that I've calmed down, might as well take a moment to see this movie... Well, at least the audience seemed to like it. For me? Boring. Now to run out of here and- Not again! Why does he have to block the exit and again call me that?!! ... I'm not sure whether to just laugh or hit something, to be honest. I really want to get out of here and get on to the main story, not talk to Stu Deeoh and have him say ridiculous things and keep calling me dahling... Can I finally leave? Can I?! YES! I can finally leave Pokéstars Studios! Now to figure out what to do next... Time to explore more of Virbank I suppose. *runs around city until finding Roxie, Jasper, and Plasma grunts* ... Okay then.. What's going on here? Better save before initiating the scene... Really, Jasper? You talk big for being beaten by me so easily before. And yes, Plasma Grunt, I think I can beat you. Now wait, I know I can! Kailash will easily take care of you!

... Stupid Patrat! I hate the move Detect! *head desk* Okay, he used it once so he's either gonna use it again or used Bide... So we're gonna try this and... Dang it, it was Bide... Please let Icy Wind do at least half- Woo! OHKO!! I love you, Kai! *hugs Glaceon* That's right, Plasma! Run away! Huh? *gets Cut from Roxie* ... Okay then... I hope I don't need that now. I don't want to teach it to any of the Pokémon on my team. Wait, what?! I gotta go back to Route 20?! Gah, really? This. Sucks!

Well that was pointless. Kai got another OHKO and that was that. They only thing useful about it was I now get to go to Castelia City! Finally some real progress in this game! Wait... You wanna what, Jasper? Trade numbers? ... I guess I can, since you're my friend. But don't get the wrong idea! I do not like you like that! And now to explore- What? Woo! Free bike! Finally get that thing! Seriously, I've been wondering when I'd get it. And now I gotta do what? Harlequin hunt? I don't wanna! I wanna try to get an Eevee! *sigh* Even though I know my luck ain't that good. Oh well, guess we'll see what happens when I get there. But first, Pokémon Center!

Now after a quick heal, buying a few items, and a game save I'm off! I kinda sorta know where I'm going, but not really. All I know is that Eevee are in this city, and I'll be damned (please excuse the language) if I don't get one. And... crap, looks like I can't get there yet... Now what am I supposed to do? I don't wanna look in the guide or ask for help... I guess I could go check out the gym right quick, just to take a look at it... Get a good idea of what levels I should train my team at... Oh wait, there's a guy standing outside of it... Let's talk to him!

Okay, not gonna talk about what just happened. Don't want to give too much away now. But into the sewers I go! Wait... Crap! *quickly saves* There, just to be sure since I have my reasons. And... Teaming up with Jasper to take on Team Plasma... I don't need your help! *sigh* Oh well... Wait, never mind. I'm glad he's here. X3 ... And he did not just do that! Jerk! I was aiming for that Pokémon! *sigh* I sometimes had tag-battes. My partner takes my target. Oh well. It worked out in the end I suppose. Kailash nearly leveled up! And... Plasma has gotten really good at running away. Cowards! And... 'nother cutscene... Let me go already!

And now I found the area with the Eevees! Umm... I'm so hesitant about walking into it since I just know it won't be good. I think I'm gonna cut it off here, catch up in White 2 and see the likelihood of running into an Eevee here are. I don't want to look up the exact percentage for an encounter. That will only depress me. So then, guess that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and I do apologize in advance for how long it will be before the next update. Until next time folks!
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