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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Yellow responds
" We are on route 30, Violet City isnt to far away."

Yellow looks back at the clans. Mr. Pokemon walks up to her.

" The Gold Tyrant Clan Flag, The Silver Chrome Clan Flag, The Purple Phoenix Clan and Finally The Rare Green Illex Clan Flag."

He looks over at Yellow,

"Each clan is said to have start centuries ago. The elders believing that their stone of power was the most powerful. The legends on the clans are all mixed up. Fact and Fiction have been blended together so much so its hard to tell what happened. These days, The Tryant Clan and Chrome Clan are the biggest clans in Johto. The Phoenix Clan is said to be creatures of the night, hardly every making an appearance in public and The Illex Clan is thought to have disappeared altogether but I have heard stories of the Illex Clan showing up to help out in disasters.."

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