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Size up the opponent. Watch him. Weak spots in movements, movements too cleancut to be possible from anything not on wheels. Watch him mimic the bird's elaborate dance, even twirling one webbed paw as though removing the rose from its mouth as the wing does what is faked --

"Peck." Considering attacks carefully, Wong watched the Golduck, for once taking cues from someone other than its trainer. Speculation was easy, as FarFetch'd ceased using Swords Dance and Golduck ceased mimicking. The first move of the water type, too, was to size up its opponent, though it was done with carelessness and disdain, showing that it was done more for show than from a need to know what it was fighting. The Tail Whip was weak, and didn't even graze FarFetch'd as it flew passed, attack also missing the mark.

"Fury Cutter." Apt, fitting, appropriate; it was what he felt, and Ferroseed could see this. Wong's face wasn't normally as expressionless as His; he wasn't trying to make it that way then either.*

The attack missed.

"Fury Attack." Voice rising, worry, the smug grin- Two of those attacks in a row was no coincidence, but Svyi needed only one blue limb to knock FarFetch'd from the air, lace tangling before tearing off. Bells jangled, there were no surprise attacks possible unless they dislodged.

They were tight, Wong noticed. Removal might well take the damaged feet with them.

Slash tore through a Water Gun, Hydro Pump redirected soaked Sands. The two weren't evenly matched by anyone's standards, but yet both still stood, of about equal injury. Finally, Wong tried something he knew was less than traditional, unable to be used to win the fight, but easier to hit with. A False Swipe attack wasn't a feint followed by a solid hit, it was a fake attack, stunted, stopped before its full potential. It was easier to hit when one didn't aim to kill, however.

A feint came first, even before the fake attack. Mirth seemed inappropriate for the situation, but Wong's lips lifted into a smile. In an eerie gesture- The look was forced and didn't follow to the rest of his face- Ferroseed mimicked this.

The fake swipe wasn't blocked; Ferroseed and Svyi knew it was not meant to kill. The rosebud, thorns used to hold it to the inner wing of the FarFetch'd, was. Unexpectedly, the sharp end was forced into Golduck's side, a nuisance that drew a bit of blood. Reversal of the object, when it was rejected with a quick swipe, was more dangerous. The rose hung limply even once FarFetch'd darted back, drifting upside down in the breeze left by retreating wings, hiding Golduck's face. One of the larger thorns had pierced its eye.

Reality seemed to hang like a fog in the air. Wong froze, before the rose shuddered. Golduck had blinked.

The reflex that had saved its sight before now dripped blood into its eye, from the ruined shreds of what had once been an eyelid.

Golduck was gone before it could move further, and FarFetch'd, self satisfied, hung within the air with its wings outstretched as though in suspended motion.
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