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Default Re: [SHOP] Dr. Ant2011's Trainer Laboratory

Originally Posted by TheCritDoctor View Post
Complicated fusion request here. Imma just circle all the things I want combined, and you take some artistic liberties. But make sure every single one is included somehow. It doesn't really have to stay fully human, that dude can have a few heads, y'know?
Here it is good sir/ma'am.

The biker and the harlequin served as bases, the flamethrower's head was severed and given Flannery's ponytail thing. His hair was dyed the same color as the twins. His glasses were painted with the Krookodile on the back of the roughneck's jacket. The preschooler's head was removed and put on the Harlequin's body. The bike was recolored to the rider's original blue jeans, and the rider took the roughneck's red pants. The harlequin dyed her outfit to resemble the preschooler's blue uniform, and the twins's pink.

I call it, "Tag-Team Freakshow"
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