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Originally Posted by Sircry View Post
Thank you, Dragotech.

Haha, I like puns. Sadly, it's a reference to my old username and not some clever joke. I apologize. Awesome, I was worried the trading may have died down, but I'm glad to hear the opposite is true. What events, specifically, are those? Never tried a hand at RP, did a tad of creative writing, and my sprite art was rather lacking, haha. But I'll be sure to give it a look. And I promise, no cake lies. Only cake truths.
Well, there's the competition coming up for trading Pokemon to help people get a certain rare item in Black 2 and White 2. It basically helps people fill out the entire Pokedex.

In any forum, there are also announcements at the top - two are currently in effect, so try checking out those and see if you like them enough to participate. Don't like them? Participate anyway XD

Don't be afraid to try CW~ I'll be here to help <3

And you get better with practice with sprites.

YAY CAKE TRUTHS :D *Sees Dragotech's post* Aw...

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