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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: whiscash no. stop

so yeah

what basically ends up happening is that you catch up the awful weird ball-devouring Whiscash in a matter of literally one second and tackle into it with your board. after it coughs the ball up you begin to wrestle with it, as God grabs the Lure Ball and hops off to shore. good job A+ effort guys!

you grab onto Lemongrab (...) as he SolarBeams you guys out of the water. wow this guy sure is chock full of sunlight.
Official's Post:

Whiscash seems stunned by your performance. It glares at you from the water for a few moments and then ducks back under and disappears. Phew!

You recover your Lure Ball and your fishing rod. Who knew fishing was such an exciting sport?

Steak recovered his Wooper and the Old Rod.
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